Condemned To Rot EP

by No Humanity

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released March 23, 2011

Recorded By Paul Hellinger
Mixed at the Ghazi House



all rights reserved


No Humanity Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Evicted
Society so full of self-righteous garbage
entitled to this land like you own it

Uniformed mobsters demanding protections
burning what stands all logic rejected

Indigenous people evicted
Monuments to nothing erected

We"ll destroy you from the inside and out
take back from you what is rightfully ours
make my existence a crime and protect my exploiters
your society built off my back

We're just coming home to roost
Track Name: Designed To Kill
Designed to kill

I have more guns / I have more skills / I can't be bested / I can't be killed / I have more guns / I have more skills / I can't be bested / I am the one

I'll show you more pain / I'll show you more rage / Armaments stockpiled / Prepare for the end

How do you expect me to compete with a thousand years of evolution?

How do you expect me to compete with a thousand years of conditioning?

Designed to kill
Is it human nature?
Track Name: One Sided
Tell me what to think
what to do, who to be

Push your views on me
make me you

Freedom of thought
freedom of choice
relics of the past

you know exactly what's right
never give me a chance
never discuss, always lecture
your point of view is clearly the best
Track Name: Sentenced To Die
Filling the trough / Eating like pigs / Consuming the lies / Lies that we're fed

Industry above human lives / Sepulchers by our father's design

The all mighty dollar the cause for our imminent demise

Sentenced to die
Track Name: Left to the Vultures
Voiceless consumed by societal systems
ignored by our government, constantly victims

the struggle continues every day
you can't ignore it, it won't go away
you say all our problems are solved
you haven't solved them, so much is still wrong

marginalized cultures within a culture
aided by no one , left to the vultures
Track Name: Blood Ritual
Commune beyond / Satan's grasp / Avoid the pull / Ghastly demands

Reaching veil / That separates / Living and dead / For questions unanswered

Blood flowing freely / Consumed by a spirit / Captured within its ethereal thrall

Say goodbye
Track Name: Playing the Victim
Pretending your life is so rough
make your own problems
never try and solve them

playing the victim while you
make others suffer
no accountability for your actions

playing the victim

Iv'e lost my patience
you've lost your last chance
for redemption

fuck you you cant set things right.

you're a joke
Track Name: Hand of God
Touched by the hand of god
to erase what I've been ,I reject it
touched by the hand of a man
to rebuild my future
creating a mindless army
on a mission of peace to homogenize me
replace my beliefs with ones of your imaginary god

No past exchanged for your future
my past not traded for you're future

So called peace but all you do is pillage
peaceful god to make war on those
who disbelieve
engage with faith on my own terms
your words ring out hollow to me
I was here before your god
and ill be here long after
Track Name: Dead Wrong
We don't need you in our scene / A leech present in the community / You talk a big game /But you don't do shit / Never at the shows / Never pitching in

Punk only works / When we all do our part / But you'll never learn / You were fake from the start

You co-opt something great / To try and be cool / Social standing / Is your only concern

You try to act tough / You try to act hard / Destroying our spaces / Tearing us apart

Using violence to prove you're a man / It's an injustice for which I won't stand
Track Name: Keeping Us Apart
Walls that have risen
out of the dust
progress is promised
nothing delivered

advances that suffocate me
i'm not sure i can escape

new ways to interact through technology
but are they doing anything?

bringing us together? , keeping us apart?

am i still a human being?

guilty as the next of use
does it cross the line into abuse?

all of this progress
what have i really gained?
what have i lost?
am i still sane ?
Track Name: Guilty
Treasure the system that protects you / Letting it subdue you / Letting it own you / False sense of safety / Protected by nothing / Giving up freedom for protection / Of the next crime / You could be convicted / An imperfect system/ Are you Guilty?


There are those who can't make a choice / So called convicts stripped of their voice / Trapped in bondage with no escape / Divested of humanity and cannot erase / So many stories / With the same ending / Innocents locked up / Condemned to rot

It doesn't matter / If you think you're safe / The cages you built suited for beasts / Could be your grave

Passing down judgment / No Humanity / Devoid of empathy / Is this liberty?